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School for taxi drivers

The largest taxi company in Varna has opened since the beginning of April 2016 a School for taxi drivers.

The school is open to all who wish to acquire basic knowledge and skills for quality taxi transportation in accordance with applicable laws.
The training shall be provided by certified lecturers and specialists.

The program is balanced between theoretical classes, seminars and practice.

The first few days shall be dedicated to familiarization in detail with the Road Transport Act. The lecture program shall include the responsibilities of the carrier under a contract of carriage of passengers and the administrative penalties. The program has classes for familiarization with the Ordinance 2 of Decree 36 on the psychological examinations of drivers. As soon as reviewing the two main legislative documents shall be provided a lecture course on the provisions of Ordinance №45 of the Ministry of the Interior for registration and re-registration of vehicles, as well as on the provisions of Ordinance 32 for the periodic inspection and roadworthiness of vehicles. Seminars related to the underlying legal documents shall be read in the first 10 days of the curriculum. In the middle of the training period shall be envisaged a course for familiarization with the Road Traffic Act governing the rules for crossing intersections, stay, parking, administrative and criminal liability.

The program envisages a Summary Seminar on the Road Traffic Act and the Rules for its implementation. The second half of the training shall start with the technical preparation of drivers. The lecture course includes a general description of the vehicle propulsion systems, steering and braking systems, active safety systems, maintenance of the car.

Then, follows a rich program related to ethics of drivers for the carriage of passengers. It sets the rules for treating customers, tolerance to customers’ requirements, patience to impossible to fulfill carriage conditions, defining the itinerary of the route and its implementation, atmosphere in the vehicle, assistance to passengers getting on and off the vehicle. The training ethics module also defines the cases where a refusal of carriage is permissible, solving conflict situations, work on piazzas, stay on prohibited places.Practical classes at the School starte with repair and car maintenance, work in PBX - including receipt, allocation of orders and orders implementation control.

The final part of the training, just before the exam, shall be entirely practice oriented and shall include work with charging devices, tablets, software, test orders, connect to a dispatcher in real working conditions, maintaining documentation.

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