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Forgotten items

Triumph Taxi is an established taxi service company in the sea capital.

We take care of the convenience and comfort of our customers, as well as provide assistance in unforeseen situations, such as forgetting your personal belongings in our cars. Over the years, the company has built its own model of work and has opened a department that deals entirely with the activity of liaising with drivers concerning forgotten items, their storage and return to owners. Thanks to the good organization, the correct drivers and the modern GPS-system that we have, every day we see the smiles of people who got their belongings back. In connection with the frequent similar cases in the cars of "Triumph Taxi" we kindly ask you - When using our services, before getting out of the car, please make sure you have not forgotten a personal item.

In case you find a lack, after getting out of the car immediately contact our call center at the familiar numbers: 052644444 and 0879644444, 0898644444, 0882644444. Please note that after you another customer will get in the car. Quick reaction is extremely important!

In order to perform an inspection we need the following information:

  • The starting point and the final destination of your trip
  • Phone number used to order the taxi
  • Approximate time of the order call
  • Description of the item you have been missing

In case your item is found, the driver shall have the obligation to hand it over to the office.

Receipt shall be made on the spot after filling in a handover protocol.

Forgotten items are stored for one month from the date of your trip (except for all food and beverages).

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