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About Us

TRIUMF TAXI OOD is the fastest growing taxi company on the market. Since its establishment in 2011, the main station has become the most popular among citizens and guests of Varna.

Our reputation is built on the correctness of our services, tested and proven with many years of experience and hard work. We treat each client with great respect, making sure that they will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable trip.

With more than 1,000 vehicles available, equipped with a modern GPS system, Triumf Taxi has established itself as a measure of high quality in the performance of taxi services.

Investments in modern software products have allowed the company to reduce the average request processing time to less than 4 seconds.

The fast location of the car closest to a customer and the real-time tracking system enabled the passengers to control both the efficiency of a chosen route and the correct formation of the final price for transportation.

To make everyone’s trip safe and comfortable, each car undergoes a monthly mandatory technical inspection. The average age of the fleet of "Triumf Taxi" is 4 years. Daily cleaning and maintenance of all vehicles is strictly monitored. Our cars are equipped with working air conditioning systems, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and all mandatory safety equipment. The cars which Triumf Taxi uses to transport its customers fully comply with the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and are driven by qualified drivers who have all the necessary documents.

Our drivers perform their official duties in proper company uniforms, ready to assist passengers with information, performance of a specific route and music. They also assist customers in loading and unloading luggage.

Triumf Taxi cars are dispatched by a highly qualified team of operators in a modern Call Center, built entirely with the company's funds.

With the help of modern computer programs the circulation of each car and the execution of the set route is monitored.

Triumf Taxi enjoys the trust of the largest economic and social structures in Varna. The high quality of the transport has established as serious partners of the company Sveta Marina Hospital EAD, Varna Airport, Delta Planet Mall, Mall Varna, the large foreign tour operators such as MTS, Solvex, Holiday Shop, etc., as well as many hotels, restaurants and casinos in the city and the resort locations.

The right choice for customers who want a fast and quality trip are the familiar numbers: 052644444, 0879644444, 0898644444, 0882644444 and 0882644644

Easy, comfortable and only a few clicks away our cars are at you...